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Initiative for Peace - East Africa was formed with the idea of sustainable progress and stability for East Africa. While many organizations provide much needed assistance to the region, IFP-EA’s mission is different. Until there are opportunities for participatory help by the people of the areas, any assistance remains a temporary fix for the ongoing circle of violence-poverty-food scarcity-gender inequality-educational challenge. By providing "on the ground" critical analysis, IFP-EA can assist local groups in conflict resolution, exposure to cultural differences, and cooperative undertakings for the good of the community, however diverse that community is.


In 2005, Emeritus Bishop Paride Taban founded the Kuron Peace Village in Kuron, South Sudan. This location is on the southeast border of South Sudan in East Equitoria. The Peace Village was founded by Bishop Taban after visiting Himmerod Abbey, and seeing people of different beliefs living in harmony. He used his experience to model the Peace Village on the idea that people of very different cultures could find common ground in which to peacefully co-exist and prosper, while respecting each other. The Dutch peacebuilding organization, PAX, helped to establish the village and remains in an advisory capacity. Norwegian Church Aid ("NCA") is also strengthening the Peace Village organization with its ongoing funding, community development, peace building, and practical education and training. 

Bishop Taban has been the recipient of numerous awards recognizing his lifelong quest for peace and freedom. In 2018, he received the prestigious Four Freedoms Award. This award is given to individuals who demonstrate the ideals of President Franklin D. Roosevelt: freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.

This vision of Bishop Taban has manifested itself in the Village, which has been a significant presence for conducting important peace events such as the 2013 Peace Day organized by the Kuron Peace Village hosting the United Nations Mission in South Sudan.

IFP-EA will partner with the Kuron Peace Village to work with the incredible staff of the Peace Village, as well as Bishop Taban, who still remains an important force for peace in South Sudan. For more information on the Kuron Peace Village, visit

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